Shermag Glider Rocker Combo

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Brand Name Shermag
Model 37779CB.05.1041
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Glider chair would be a perfect choice for people who like sitting on comfortable chair and being able to move back and forth to get swinging feel. The glider rocker chair is designed and built with featuring both combination of recliner and rocking chair. Everyone knows that recliner can be very comfortable and relaxing, but it doesn’t come with rocking ability. People also know that rocking chair is great when it comes to he rocking movement, but the chair itself is often hard and not comfortable. Well, when the best aspects of the devices are combined, people will be surprised of how good the final result is.

One of the best glider rocker chairs in the market is the Shermag Glider Rocker Combo that comes with great style and comfortable seat. The glider rocker has gained more and more popularity each day. The chair isn’t popular among elderly and moms only, but it’s getting popular among business executives as well. The glider rocker chairs are now can be seen in offices and working station, since the top executives like to place at least one glider rocker within their offices. According to them, it’s nice to be able to review business contracts and deals while sitting on the chair. The footstool that accompanies the rocker is also great. It provides great relieve for people who are having problems with their poor blood circulation or people with tired feet.

Shermag Glider Rocker Combo Features and Specs

The glider rocker chair comes with stylish and chic design, but there’re more features hidden within the product, such as:

  • It comes with main construction and frame from hardwood, so it’s sturdy, strong, and long lasting.
  • It comes with thick padding, so it’s definitely comfortable and nice to sit on. The padded area on the back and arms provide great support and comfort for the tired back, stiff neck, and tired arms.
  • The fabric is soft and won’t cause any rash to the skin. It also feels and looks luxurious and expensive.
  • The ball bearing system from stele makes it possible for the chair to move smoothly and gently. Gliding is effortless. Once people sit on the chair, they only need to move their body a bit and the chair will rock on itself.
  • The design is classic yet modern. It’s suitable to be placed in any room with any décor or theme.
  • The chair and the footstool come in a set. The matching set is pleasing for the sore eye. They can also be a part of room décor.
  • The seating area is wide and spacious. The chair itself can be locked in various different positions to provide comfort for people on it.

Shermag Glider Rocker Combo Reviews

Most people who have bought the chair state that they’re satisfied with the chair. It’s easy to assemble. It’s very quiet and doesn’t produce noise at all. It’s certainly very comfortable. The back and neck support provide great comfort for the users. When it’s placed within the library or reading room, it’s a great chair for reading or working. When it’s placed inside the nursery, both the moms and babies are satisfied and sometimes they sleep on the chair because of its comfort. When it’s placed inside the living room, the stylish design and the rich textures make guests think that the chair is very expensive.

However, the packing can be awful. Some people are surprised to find out that the packing can be done very carelessly, which can affect the condition of the parts. But once they photograph everything and they file a claim, the great customer service request them to send back the product and replace it with the new one.

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 Customer Reviews

Very Comfortable
Was easy to put together and is very comfortable,Larry
Arrived ahead of estimated schedule. Good quality gliderMartha
Easy to assemble and very comfortable!!!Sue L
Not worth it
This chair finally arrived the local Walmart store. My husband assembled it. The first thing I noticed is how much lower to the ground the ottoman is compared to the chair. Unless you have shins that you can bend in half this makes the ottoman useless for stretching your legs out.
The fabric on the chair back cushion is very loose, giving the chair a cheap look.
Due to severe neurological issues I needed a chair that would allow me to sit upright while elevating my legs. The ottoman being so much lower than the seat of the chair seat makes it a glorified foot rest.KTSGT