Graco Avalon Glider and Ottoman


People often have recliners at home, so that they can sit comfortable. Recliners are great for sitting since it provides great back and neck support. Certain recliners often provide arm support as well. But what should people do when they want to have a chair that can provide great comfort and are also able to move and rock slowly? After all, recliners can’t be moved back and forth. Well, if they choose glider chair, they can have both features of excellent comfortable chair with rocking ability.

Glider rocker chair is basically a combination of both rocking chair and recliner. Rocking chair is great for moving but it can be hard and tough. Recliner is great for sitting and relaxing but it can’t be moved. Glider rocker chair is now gaining more and more popularity since it does provide great comfort for sitting and relaxing. Pregnant moms often use the chair and the footstool to ease off their tired back, neck, and also to ease off their swelling feet. Footstool can be used for relieving poor blood circulation on the legs’ area as well as swelling. If they’re looking for the right chair to help them get new experience in great comfort, they should try Graco Avalon Glider and Ottoman.

Graco Avalon Glider and Ottoman Specs and Features

Everyone knows that Ottoman is one of the best manufacturers in the world when it comes to great quality furniture. They’ve been able to produce great quality recliners for years and now they’re doing expansion to the glider rocker area. The features of this product are:

  • The frame construction is made of solid and sturdy hardwood, so it’s durable and long lasting. It’s also able to accommodate moms and the babies.
  • The arm supports are padded and comfortable.
  • The chair comes with side pockets so people can easily store their favorite things in the pockets. They can keep their magazines, books, and even remote controls for TV set or stereo.
  • The gliding motion is smooth and gentle, thanks to the ball bearings made of enclosed steel. Gliding in the chair will be very comfortable and will help babies to sleep fast.
  • The main fabric is polyester 100% micro fiber.
  • It’s designed and built for nursing and gentle rocking.
  • It comes with elegant and classic style that will enables it to be placed anywhere within the house.
  • The seating area is quite roomy and wide. It also comes with great support for back and neck, which is suitable for pregnant mothers or exhausted people.
  • The footstool is also great, soft, and durable.

Graco Avalon Glider and Ottoman Reviews

The chair is quite satisfying and promising. People who have bought the products mostly state that the chair is great. The back support is great. The arm supports are also great and convenient. The gliding movement is smooth and relaxing. A lot of them are able to make their babies sleep while on the chair. Another great thing about the glider rocker is that it’s quite affordable. With such great features it’s amazing that it’s sold under the expectant price. It’s also easy to assemble.

However, some people are quite annoyed by the smell of the chair. It’s actually a normal typical new product smell, which people often encounter when they buy new stuffs. After about two weeks, the smell will be gone, but for some people, that’s just too long. Some people are also annoyed with the wooden exposed part located at the front side of the arm supports. It’s really exposed so they’re afraid their babies’ heads might bump into it when they move slightly. To solve the problem, they put folded blanket on it. But if the manufacturer can work on that particular issue, it would be great.