Glider Chair

Karla Dubois Hemingway Wingback Glider Recliner, Gray

Clean and crisp, like ink on paper, the Hemingway Wingback Recliner is a stylish addition to your nursery or any room in your home for that matter. It?s quiet and smooth gliding movements make it ideal for rocking a baby or even yourself to sleep. The recliner is strong, comfortable and stylish, making it thrive in any space. Genuine American Designed Leggett and ...

Karla Dubois Milo Rocker, Light Gray

The Karla Dubois Milo Rocking Chair brings an additional flair of style to your nursery or to any room in your home for that matter. Upholstered in clean linen and solid natural wood legs, The Milo is refreshing safe and offers a comfortable rocking motion. The chair includes a matching pillow that offers additional back support and a welcoming aesthetic. The fashionable chair ...

Karla Dubois Roux Swivel Push Back Recliner, Gray

The Roux is a perfect accent piece for any room. The push back recliner gives a clean look with its metallic base that offers a perfect balance to its vibrant upholstered fabric. Roux Swivel Push Back Recliner