Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman

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When you and baby need to relax, nothing comes better than the Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman. It’s the perfect glider to cushion you as you rock your baby, and the ottoman means that you can take the weight off your feet and relax completely.

Designed to sit in any room in your house, it allows you to rock your baby to sleep or to feed him with ease and also for you to relax and recover from the rigors of having a little baby.

Let’s have a look at how it’s made and what makes it so much better than other gliders in the market.

Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman Features and Benefits

It is solid
You never want to sit on anything that’s not solid, whether you’re holding your baby or not. This glider is made in solid wood and all other bits that go into it are solid as well. You never have to worry that something may go wrong while you’re sitting on it.

Its generous on cushioning
With a new baby, you’re breastfeeding every few hours. If you don’t get a comfortable place to sit, it can be tedious and you can easily wreck your back. This glider comes with extra cushioning that will take your body contours so that your whole frame is supported. The arms are well cushioned too, to make sure that when you hold baby, you don’t strain your hands at all.

The design is great
It’s designed to look nice and retro, but the makers, Stork Craft, have kept the traditional sleigh design so that it looks tasteful look for any nursery or room in your house.

It glides on ball bearings
This gives for a smooth continuous motion and because it’s a ball bearing, you can be sure that it will never give you a glide that’s out of line.

Its easy to clean
Babies generally come with a mess and you need to have things for them that are easily cleanable. This one is made of micro fibre on the cushions so that all you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and it’s clean.

You get variety
It comes in so many different finishes that it will easily be the centrepiece in the nursery, but you can set it up anywhere else in your home and it will still look great.

The arms have pockets
Pack all the things you need handy when you are on the glider in these pockets and you wont have to move for a long time. It also means that you can get someone else to sit with baby so long as you pack the pockets for them with all they’ll need.

It has extra sitting space
You want a glider that daddy can fit in too so that he can help once in a while and also get some bonding time. The Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman comes with enough room to comfortably sit men as well as women.

Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman Reviews

The product is great from its durability, design, and also safety feature. The manufacturer understands that once the chair is placed within the room, there’s always possibility that children might use the chair. That’s why the chair is designed to be safe. Since it’s easy to assemble, people can use the chair right away after they take the parts out of the shipping box. The chair is great, comfortable, and does provide great back support. The footstool is also great and really helpful in relieving tired feet.

However, the chair can be quite squeaky and it’s quite annoying because the sound is pretty loud. People usually oil the hinges and the sound will disappear. For some people, little noise issue won’t be such a big deal. But if people are disturbed with the noise, they should return the product immediately since it comes with a year warranty. Thanks to the great customer service, people can be sure they’ll get replacement for the defect product.

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 Customer Reviews

love the look
purchased two of these for my mother in law to replace two older gliders she had in her living room. she loves them! they are nice and cushy and don't squeak which were her two requirements and they match her black sofa!Diane
I was looking for awhile for a white and gray glider for my nursery. This glider seems sturdy, looks great and was easy to put together. Still waiting on baby to arrive so haven't used it yet.Alajj55
so Soothing :o)
I was very skeptical about ordering this product online since i couldn't see it and test it out but once it arrived, it was very eZ to assemble (i was 8 mos. prego @ the time), color matches perfectly to the other espresso furniture i got from Walmart (see picture below) and it is the perfect size, not too big and spacey and not tiny..... both my husband and i are loving it and Im a petite woman (5')and he much larger man (~6')WIZARDoOZ
Super Great for the price
What a great Glider. This is my first baby and me and my husband really wanted a glider in the nursey but we didn't want something that was going to break the bank. The expresso color with the light beige cushion fits perfectly into our theme! Assembely was so fast and easy and the price couldn't of been better! The chair is really comfortable and the arm cushions come with pockets on the side to put remotes or books to read. Great product for the price!Bojomonkey
Great chair
I love this chair. Colors are exactly as they look in the picture, crisp white and darker shade of grey. Chair was pretty easy to assemble as I am 8 months pregnant and had it together before my husband got home. Seat slightly stiff but is getting more comfortable as it gets broken in. Pillow and side pockets are also a bonus. Hard to find this color combo anywhere else.Aalten01
Great product at a great price
We were looking for something gray (or abut darker than the standard tan/beige) so when we came across this chair we loved it. We also loved the fact that it was a white finish, as we have white nursery furniture. The color was perfect, which another reviewer described as elephant gray. My husband put it together and I don't think he had any trouble other than the arms. The arms where labels wrong based on the instructions so they had to be reversed.

We have sat in it a couple times, but will not full use until baby arrives mid-January. So far it was been comfortable and quiet. We hope to get a lot of use out of ours.NashvilleCouple
Wonderful Glider & Ottoman
My dad purchased this for me a few weeks ago for my soon to arrive baby girl next month! I've sat in it quite a few times along with other relatives! Great quality! Very comfy especially with the small back pillow. It also matches the nursery theme perfectly. It's large but a great purchase. Hope my baby girl loves it just as much as I do. It was also very easy to put together!momma2Khloe
Love the color
Love the deep elephant gray color, couldnt believe I could find a white rocker with gray cushions! Comfy and easy assembly (45 minutes by myself but that is because I am 9 months pregnant and slow!) but does have a small "creek" sometimes. Hubby tightened everything and that helped a ton and now it just makes some creeks when he sits in it (200 pounds) it would bug me but he is ok with it. (men! :)MNMOMMY4
Arrived Broken
I am very disappointed ! After waiting for this particular color to come back in stock . Opted on ship to store and when we opened the box the back of the chair was cracked in half (missing a small piece)... This is poor handling and not acceptable . I will contact to complain about this inconvenience.Newmomnextweek
This item smelled so bad when I opened the box I gagged and coughed. A lot of the wood was damaged too. The back support had dings in it, the arms had scrapes and the bottom glider portion looked liked it had water damaged. It also had green stuff on it which looked like mold. I was very disappointed and took it back without even putting it together. I contacted the company and they wanted me to send in pictures of the damage and then it would take them a week or so to process it and see if they would replace it. I didn't want to deal with this after spending 200 dollars on a chair and get treated poorly by their customer service. Not to mention I didn't have much faith that the replacement parts would be much better than the original.Brit

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