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What should people do when they want to have the best and most comfortable seat that will be able to provide them with tranquillity and comfort? They should choose glider chair, of course. The glider rocker chairs have gained popularity lately, thanks to the comfort feeling it generates and sleek functional design. It’s the new way of enjoying sitting and relaxing. People can forget their old rocking chair because those chairs are quite hard, although they have good gliding feature. The glider rocker is the new combination of rocking chair and recliner that will provide enough support for the back and neck and also comfort and peace of mind.

A lot of people have fallen in love with the chairs. Pregnant moms, moms who are still breastfeeding their babies, the elderly, business executives, and people in general like the chairs. After all, where else can they find such comfortable glider rocker chair with multifunction purposes? The chair is great for resting and relaxing. The footstool is great for tired feet and legs. People often don’t realize that they’ve spent their whole day walking and moving. By the end of the day, it’s no wonder if their legs and feet are swelling. But with the footstool, they can rest assured that they can sit comfortable and reduce their swelling at the same time. One of the most comfortable glider rocker chairs they can use is the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Specs and Features

Ottoman’s products have been known for their best quality in furniture products. They’re one of the best manufacturers in making comfy recliners. It’s no wonder if they’re able to produce good quality glider rocker since the glider chair combines the good features of recliner and rocking chair. This product features are:

  • It’s made of chenille fabric, so it’s soft and won’t make the skin suffer from any rash.
  • The gliding feature is great. Even without people having to move the chair, it will move on its own and provide peaceful state of mind. People even easily fall asleep when they’re sitting on it.
  • It comes with classic and timeless design, so it won’t go wrong when placed in any themed room or house. it can also serve as a nice part of the room décor.
  • It comes with a set of matching footstool, so the overall appearance will look great.
  • The seating space is quite roomy and the thick padding is great. The arm cushions are also padded so they’re great support for the arm. It also comes with storage pocket where people can clip and store their favorite magazines or book.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Reviews

People who have bought the glider rocker chair state that they’re quite satisfied with the overall performance of the chair. They can get comfy and relaxing chair with affordable price. The chair is also great when placed in any room since the design can match any room theme or interior decor. Most people bought the chair to be placed inside the nursery room. They stated that the chair works well in helping moms to make the babies sleep comfortably.

However, there are certain cases where the moms are annoyed with the squeaky noise it produces, unless they sit on certain spots, which can be very annoying. Giving oils to the chair is quite helpful but it only lasts for temporary period. It seems that they’re getting the defect products, but thanks to the great customer service, they’re able to send the chair back to the company and get the replacements right away.

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 Customer Reviews

Can't live without it
This is a very comfortable rocker and ottoman. I actually moved it from the nursery into our bedroom until our newborn begins to use her crib. She loves to be rocked morning, noon and night. The pink color online looks darker than it actually is. It's a paler pink in person. The rocker was very easy to put together. Stains have been easy to clean with a stain remover and damp cloth. I have concerns the cushions will wear out sooner than I would like. It's only been a couple of months and I'm starting to notice a slight difference. It would be nice to be able to purchase replacements. Possibly you can through the manufacturer?? Otherwise, it's very comfortable.PickyFirstTimeMom
Worth the Price
I was looking for a Rocker for my next baby who's due in August and I have a 1 year old that I wanted to use this product on. When I got it home the box was so big I was scared to put it together, but it was surprisingly easy. It basically all comes together. When I am rocking my son its very quiet and calming. I am glad I went for the pricier Glider as there were a few bad reviews for the less pricey ones. The only negative I found about this Glider is that the color (yellow) isn't exactly the color that they describe. I bought it regardless, and actually like the color. Definitely a great product.Ilovewalmart22
Nice glider -
This glider was bought as a gift. Arrived earlier than expected with home delivery which was very nice. Easy assembly. Looks nice. Pretty pastel pink - not hot pink as in pic. Almost perfect except snap/button on arm was broken. Walmart wanted us to return the entire item - too much of a hassle and baby due any second! Walmart offered us a small refund to cover the cost of replacing the snap otherwise. Prompt and courteous Walmart customer service via e-mail. Recipient loves it!Broncomom
Great chair!!!
The chair looks and feels amazing. I read from one customer that they were upset because its hard to keep clean. Dirt does show up easy but wipes off just as easy so please don't let them scare you. (You have to expect that from a chair that comes in such light colors) Its extremely easy to assemble and I had no issues putting it together on my own at 9 months pregnant. I'm really looking forward to rocking my baby girl to sleep in it!!juliannadenise
Love it
I use this chair for all my daytime feedings. It is great. The seat cushion is thin and that is my only complaint. You can't beat the price. I am about five feet tall and weigh about 125 and it fits me perfectly. It was super easy to assemble. With the site to store shipping, we didn't have to pay anything extra. It goes perfectly with the other Storkcraft pieces in black.medicalmommy

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