Baby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite Grey

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The Baby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner has a clean, contemporary design that brings the perfect blend of traditional style and functionality to your nursery. Designed to meet the needs of nursing mothers, the adjustable comfort settings make the Robyn the ultimate place to nurse, soothe or simply relax and bond with your child. This rocking recliner offers comfortable seating with both a rocking and reclining function as well as a footrest for extra leg support. Upholstered in a soft, graphite gray linen-look fabric and accented with contrasting white welting running up the sleek track arm to the track wing, this chair easily blends in with mostly any type decor. The Baby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner will bring a distinctive, down-to-earth design adding a fashionable touch to brighten up your nursery.

Baby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite GreyBaby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite Grey
Baby Relax Robyn Rocking Recliner, Graphite Grey
  • Elegant white welt trim detail
  • Supportive pocket coil seat cushion
  • Square silhouette with track arm design
  • Smooth rocking mechanism
  • Max weight limit: 225lbs
  • Minimal assembly, easy setup
  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • Assembled dimensions: 29.5” W x 37.5” D x 40.25” H
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 Customer Reviews

this is a great chair!!
I have to say I am surprised about this chair! I was not thinking it was going to be such great quality. the fabric is smooth and soft, and matches most décor with its neutral colors. the rocking is easy and smooth, the cushions you sit on and lean against are incredibly soft and comfortable. the foot rest is smooth and super easy, the handle is near the top of the arm so you don't have to reach all the way down to the floor to use it. you will have to assemble the chair, but you do not need any tools, everything just clicks into place, it does come in a big square box, and it is padded very well for protection. the only thing it lacks is swiveling, but then it would cost more, this is an excellent chair for new moms, or really anyone wanted a cheaper, but nice looking, and comfortable reclining chair!!mommyofet
Great chair!
Great recliner rocking chair, comfy and comes in 4 pieces in a box, no tools needed to attach pieces, takes few minutes.Jay
This is a fantastic chair!
This chair's fabric covering is very plush and feels like velvet. The color I believe is more of a medium gray, not something as light as a "dove gray". It is a perfect match to the color of the upholstery on the crib that is part of the same collection by this manufacturer. It is a "modern' style of furniture, clean straight lines and crisp angles. The white corded piping on all edges of this chair really add that certain something to the overall design appeal and rich look of this chair.
I had my son in law help me test out this chair just to show the difference in fit and comfort between a woman 5'2" and a man 6'2". For myself (female), it fit perfectly and was extremely comfortable and easy to operate. For my son in law, (225 lbs, 6'2"), it fit almost perfectly. I say that because when fully extended, the heels of his feet were off the foot piece, by about 1.5 inches. He said he likes it like that, however some people do not, so I am letting you know. I think someone under 6 ft tall would be fully supported. As far as the seat of the chair, he told me that he estimated 2.5 inches in extra space from his hips to the side edge of the chair, so there is ample room. His hip to knee length was fully supported as well, so the seat is sufficiently deep enough in that area.
When using the chair I noted that it is completely silent in any position or when rocking. It's so common to have a nursery rocker to have that little "squeek" when using it and at times I admit that squeek was really annoying. What I truly appreciate about this chair is that the controls for extending the recliner and retracting it as well, are on the right side near the top of the armrest. I've had other much more expensive recliner rockers and those controls or flip levers were on the side but way down near the bottom edge of the chair. That always presented a hassle when trying to sit up and retract the chair back into its typical position when you had anything in your arms. Being as this is intended as a nursery rocker recliner, I think it would be safe to imagine that you'd have a baby in your arms. And if you'd gotten the child to sleep then were to try and sit back up so you could rise and place the child in the crib, well if you had the controls down lower than they are on this chair, you'd most probably have a troublesome situation. Even when fully reclined, you can easily still reach these controls on this chair. It's like the designers thought of everything!
Although the fabric is plush and lovely, I personally would throw a cover or light sheet on it so that it show signs of extreme wear and tear of constant daily and nightly use. I'm sure it would be ok, I'm just kind of funny about wanting to protect the finish/fabric of my furniture pieces. Grandma's wisdom: it does come with a 1 year limited warranty, so make sure to staple your receipt to the instruction booklet so it will be handy in case you need warranty service. They include the address, email, and phone number, Fax numbers to contact them directly in case of any questions or problems. Do not return this to the store.
As far as assembling this chair, I can honestly say that it was super easy to do. It went together in less than 6 mins! Not a single tool was needed. It does say that you will need two persons to assemble the chair, but my slender son in law did it for me without any huffing and puffing :) There are several languages on three booklets for the assembly and information for the chair. Plenty of full pictures also, very helpful. As with any recliner, you will not want to leave any child unattended in this chair, just to be safe.
This chair is not super light weight, and doesn't slide well on carpet, just so you are aware :) It does have metal feet/rails that are on either side of the chair at the bottom and are part of the frame of the chair. They do not show when the chair is in normal position. I think this is a wonderful chair, any new mother/father would love to have. It goes perfectly with the other items from the same collection from this manufacturer. And it's not so frilly or feminine in appearance that it would cause any problems being used in any room in the house.
I would recommend this for anyone, whether to rock a baby to sleep, or just to use in the living room when your kids have already grown up! It's very well made and is a beautiful addition to your home!bonemama55
So Disappointed!!!!
If you notice the top reviews received this product for free, I however did not! I used the reviewsMissyB84
Great Rocker
The rocker is very comfortable and soft. It is on the smaller side but I’m 5ft 1/2 in and I’m okay with that. It was very easy to assemble. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and was able to put it together by myself. Only reason why I didn’t give it 5 starts was because mine does squeak a little when I am getting off of it.Rocker

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